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Immediate Music - Trailerhead:Sagas

Immediate Music
Trailer Music

Track list:

Hymnus Orbis
Glory Seeker
Oratio Sanctus
Emergence Of Empire
In League With Cerberus
Darkness On The Edge Of Power
Ashes Of War
World On A String
Salvation For A Proud Nation
Fatum Plebis
Darkness On The Edge Of Power (Live)
Surrender To Hope

I wanted to start this review with a phrase – „Immediate Music – One of the leaders of trailer music“, but then I thought, „Hey, Immediate, are the leaders of trailer muisc“, so here is a review of the newest Immediate Music commercial release – Trailerhead:Saga.

Last year Immediate brought us their first official commercial album „Trailerhead“ (if we don`t count Globus project). It contained rearranged Immediate music, that was used in various movie trailers. By following the success of it`s predecessor, Immediate releases a sequel – Trailerhead: Saga. So what`s the difference between them and how good Immediate did it`s job this time?

The main difference between first and second albums are arrangements. Trailerhead, was a collection of best Immediate music to date, but with small changes in arrangements and compositions. This time there are heavily rearranged songs, with much better quality than it`s parental tracks. Some compositions are mashed up like Salvation and Proud Nation („Salvation of a Proud Nation), some are left untouched in composition way, but all of them flows perfectly.

Immediate composers proves us again, that they are masters of their job, because they managed to make, generally great tracks into a masterpieces.
So what gives the songs new feeling? Guitars, new age elements, new choir verses. Everything is polished perfectly. Also we can`t forget Symphonic orchestra and Choir, which made amazing job again. Every new element was needed to remake these compositions into new ones.

Album contains a big range of songs from fast and epic, to more mid tempo hymns, and even to ballad style compositions. It would be hard to pick some best tracks from Trailerhead:Saga, but „Glory Seeker“ , „Invictus“, „Darkness at the Edge of Power“ and „Salvation of a Proud Nation“ really stands on the top of whole trailer music.

If you are new in this genre, this album is a perfect way to start. If you a an experienced listener of trailer music, that you already know how good is Immediate Music, and you can just agree, that this is by far the best Trailer Music album this year.

Composition – 9
Arrangements – 9
Performance – 9
Quality – 9

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