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Epica live in Lithuania – Review

How I Designed My Universe on Sunday evening. (Photos by Junija Tamošiūnaitė)

Sometimes dreams come true even not dreaming about them a lot. I wasn`t expecting to see Epica in Lithuania soon, so I was thinking to visit them somewhere in Europe in a couple of years, but here they are standing in front of me.

I won`t do a big introduction, so lets move forward to my impressions of one hell of a show.

First thing that came to my mind when I arrived to the club where the show was held, was the lack of audience. I felt ashamed for my country, that a band which gathers thousands of fans everywhere, found only 200 people here. But as it came clear later – What a people they were!

So with us shouting Epica, they started and I immediately realized what is the benefit of small venue – The contact between the band and the audience. This time I have chosen an headbanging evening (in order to see one of my favorite bands from a close distance) instead of better sound quality by standing somewhere in the middle of the venue and I have no regrets, cause being so close to the band you love and make fun is amazing (especially when my hair got stuck in one of the guitars ;D). 

So what`s the pluses of the performance?

The setlist was amazing (even if I missed Mother of Light and Kingdom of Heaven). Band played songs from all their albums and it was amazing, especially for those who follows the band since the beginning.

Then the sound and heaviness. For example I never have noticed that “Consign to Oblivion: or “Fools of Damnation” are such a heavy tracks. When I came back home I checked them again and I was right. The band made them much heavier during the live performance and made us to feel pain in the neck for a couple of days.

Furthermore, the band communicated with the crowd as they were friends for a very long time. That made a strong impact to me, cause usually such caliber bands are not so down to earth.

The whole performance wasn`t something boundaries breaking, but it was cosy. For example: The lights were perfectly attached to music, even if there wasn`t so many special effects. Everything in it`s place.

If I have to mention drawbacks, the first thing that comes into my mind is too short setlist. But taking the hot and smoke at the club in to consideration, I believe the band did everything they could to make us enjoy their job as long as possible. 

Despite the small amount of people, the Band seemed to be very happy and pleased by our support. Well yeah, there were some persons who were acting, if I could say unprofessional, or maybe more Obsessive (it fits perfectly in this context), but I hope the band didn`t scared off and they will really be comin back as they have promised.  
I wish the band good luck in their upcoming European tour, and I hope that next time Epica will be promoted better in Lithuania, and they will play in Vilnius, and then they see, what Lithuanian fans are really made of.
A big THANK YOU to all Epica members and the crew.


Resign to Surrender 
Fool Of Damnation
Martyr Of The Free World
Cry For The Moon
Tides of Time
Blank Infinity
The Obsessive Devotion
Design Your Universe
Sancta Terra 
Consign to Oblivion  

Performance - 9
Show – 8
Sound – 8
Effects – 8

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Tarja - What Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath
Atmospheric Gothic Metal/Rock

Tarja aka Wine?
Ex-Nightwish vocalist Tarja Turunen is back with her second solo album „What lies beneath“. I was never a big fan of Tarja neither in Nightwish, neither in her solo career. But curiosity killed a cat again and the newest Tarja album is spining in my player. 
This time Tarja really delivers a surprise, cause „My Winter Storm“ were just an average album, with only 2-3 songs been well composed, and only few great vocal parts been written, when „What lies beneath“ is totally different. First of all, the songs are more mature, it shines with memorable melodies and diverse compositions, which are much better than in previous album. Take a first track „Anteroom of Death“ for example, where acapella metal band Van Canto joins Tarja and creates a great musical-type song together. Then songs like „I feel Immortal“ or „Falling Awake“ are potential hits that takes listener from the first time you hear them and shows  an emotional side of Tarja`s music.

The strongest side of the album is a that it fits a very wide range of listeners: from pop music fan to heavy metal or even opera lover. The recipe is very simple: some crunchy guitars, some ballades, then cheesy and catchy melodies with cold gothic keybords. It seems how can it be interesting and enjoyable, but somehow it catches your attention, somehow it attracts you. And the answers lies beneath the same matureness I talked at the beginning of this review. Tarja and her team becomes better songwriters with time, they manage to serve an old and unoriginal product in new fashion. 

Tarja is like a wine – It keeps better with time and never stop to impress, even if she has never impressed you before.

1.Anteroom Of Death  
2.Until My Last Breath  
3.I Feel Immortal  
4.In For a Kill  
6.Little Lies  
7.Rivers of Lust
8.Dark Star
9.Falling Awake
10.The Archive of Lost Dreams
11.Crimson Deep

Songwriting: 9
Performance: 8,5
Lyrics: 7
Originality: 7
Quality: 9,5

General: 8,5