This blog was created for a few reasons. Main purpose of mine is to spread the word about different music. Different from tv or radio. In these modern times, when everyone is connected with internet, it should be very easy to find something close to your heart, to your emotions, something rare that fits your personality, however, most of people are feeling comfortable with the music, movies and other art that is given to them by others, and they are not considering it`s cultural value, o level of creativity. So my purpose is to help those people who are searching for different kind of music, and to show those who admits everything from mass media, that there are another side of the medal.

Another object is to express my opinion about music I like, give opportunity for my self to discuss my publications and musical taste with other bloggers. I wish this to become a professional blog, about various kind of music. I hope this place to become not into some palace of popular culture, with shining diamonds and bags full of money, but a simple and cosy cabin, where you feel comfortable, safe and own, where small and simple things can bring happiness and fullness to your ears and emotions.

Cabin Of Art will contain such styles of music:
Metal (Symphonic, Progressive, Female Fronted, Avantgarde, Post...)
Symphonic (Trailer music, Soundtracks)
Darkwave (DarkFlok, Gothic, Industrial...)
Cabaret (Cabaret, Steampunk, Neo Cabaret)
World (Neo/Electro Swing, Neo-Tango, Nu-Jazz...)

And other fresh, live and original music. Keep your eye on this musical horizon, and help me built this cabin for all of us.